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Administrative support

Gruppo I&S cares deeply that each event is carefully planned from every angle, including the bureaucracy. The handling of paperwork, such as the request for permits and licenses, can involve a considerable investment of time most of which is spent in queues. This is why we offer as an additional service to our customer dealing with the various government agencies responsible for issuing permits and licenses necessary in the planning and management of event such as:

  • Permit to occupy public land OSP
    Electronic submission of the application to the SUEV for the occupation of public land, to be submitted at least 30 days before the date of the event.
  • Traffic diversion
    As part of the OSP, this request is made to the Municipality, after obtaining clearance from the local Police Command, in order to obtain a diversion of the traffic away from the area where the event is to be set.
  • Temporary advertising (projections, banners, horizontal and vertical signs, backdrops, etc.)
    Submission of the demand, to the city hall for obtaining authorization for temporary and / or permanent advertising displays.
  • SIAE
    For all events in which is planned the use of music, Gruppo I&S offers support in submitting the necessary documentation to comply with the obligations derived from the SIAE (music copyright tax).
  • Loading and unloading permit request
    Submission to the city hall of the request to obtaining the permit for loading and unloading of goods permit for the dates specific dates for when the assembly and disassembly of the events are set for.
  • Request of patronage
    The patronage allows tax concessions. Patronage can be granted to public and private subjects who request it with the City Hall for cultural events, tourist events, shows, exhibitions, conferences, congresses, courses, seminars, workshops and other similar events open to the public that take place mainly in the City area. The application must be submitted at least 30 days before the start date of the event.
  • Noise concession
    It’s a concession from the noise limits, established by the acoustic classification of the territory of the City of Milan for temporary activities that involve the use of noisy machinery or music systems, which allows the applicant to exceed the acoustic limits in force in the area on a specific date of the event and for its duration only.
  • Licence of public entertainment
    The license for public entertainment activities must be requested from the SUEV, as required by the article 141 del Regio Decreto 06/05/1940, n. 635 and without which no event open to the public can take place.
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