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Theory (1 hour)
Presentation of the course. Outline of general legislation on health and safety at work with particular reference to the provisions of the law on the use of work equipment (Legislative Decree no. 81/2008). Responsibility of the operator.

Technique (7,5 hours)

  • Types and characteristics of the various types of transport vehicles
  • Main risks associated with the use of self-propelled trolleys: load falling, overturning, overturning, collisions of people with the load or with moving elements of the trolley, risks related to the environment, risks related to the use of different forms of energy
  • Basic notions of physics: basic notions for the evaluation of the moved loads, conditions of equilibrium of a body. Stability. Overturning lines. Static and dynamic stability and influence due to the mobility of the trolley and the work environment. Capacity of the forklift
  • Self-propelled forklift technology: terminology, general characteristics and main components. Mechanisms, their characteristics, their function and operating principles
  • Main components: forks and / or gripping parts (lifting masts). Driving position with description of the seat, of the control elements, of the signaling devices. Brakes. Wheels and types of tires: differences for the various types of use, steering and driving wheels. Sources of energy. Counterweight
  • Battery recharging systems: rectifiers and safety devices regarding the methods of use also in relation to the environment
  • Command and safety devices: identification of command devices and their operation, identification of safety devices and their function. Active and passive protection systems
  • The conditions of equilibrium: factors and elements that influence stability. Flow rates (nominal / actual)
  • Checks and maintenance: daily and periodic checks
  • How to safely use self-propelled trolleys: handling procedures. Safety signs in the workplace. Safety procedures during the handling and parking of the vehicle. Viability, driving concepts. Rules on circulation, handling of loads, storage. Notions on the possible health and safety risks associated with driving the truck and in particular the related risks:
    a) the work environment
    b) to the man-machine relationship
    c) the driver’s state of health
    Notions on technical, organizational and behavioral and personal protection methods suitable for preventing risks.

Multiple choice test at end of this section

Practice (4,5 hours)at our place of business

  • Illustration, following the instructions on how to using the trolley, of the various components and safety devices
  • Maintenance and daily and periodic checks required by law and as indicated in the instructions for use of the truck
  • Guide of the trolley on the test path to highlight the correct maneuvers with no load and load (correct position on the trolley, load taking, transport in various situations, stop of the trolley, etc.)
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