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A comprehensive
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glance in
the event planning

Gruppo I&S offers support for the planning and management of public events of various sizes, from exclusive private parties to public conventions and concerts, all across the board, always taking care of all details with constant dedication.

Starting from bureaucratic aspects, such as ensuring the compliance of the location, up to guiding the strategy of the event and Gruppo I&S always offers an extensive support for any event, being able to take care of the set-ups, of the audio systems, the lighting system, the catering service, as well as ensuring that all the health and safety protocols are in place for the prevention of any risk.

Gruppo I&S is committed to offer a service as complete as possible that can guarantee the success of the event in the best and safest way possible. Additional services we can offer to event planners and productions are:

  • Rentals
  • Administrative support
  • Hostess & Steward
  • Translators and translations
Tools and articles for events.

Administrative support
Complete management of issuance of permits and official licenses.

Hostess & Steward
Professional personnel for international large public events.

Translators and translations
Language support personnel for international and national events.