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Covid-19 safety solutions

During the spread of this pandemic, that in time we will remember as “the time of the Coronavirus”, as our country fights to get back on its feet, the virus silently continues to spread, so your company needs our support.
Risk analysis and risk management are the cornerstone of our services. Covid-19 has created a wide range of new challenges for the commerce, for business world, for common living and for the world in general.
Gruppo I&S has the skills, means and people ready to help you. With a historical record in safety and security consulting, training and services, we are ready to help and support you in maintaining a safe working environment, able to guarantee the most total compliance with anti-contagion protocols.

Services Provided:

  • Consulting services for businesses in need of bringing up to date existing DVR (Risk Assessment Document) with anti-contagion protocols.
  • Trainings and / or surveillance staff trained for::
    • flow and outflow with monitoring of social distancing
    • crowd management
    • detection of any social distancing violations
    • communication techniques to cordially urge the public to abide by anti-contagion protocols
    • advanced conflict prevention and management techniques
    • monitoring of possible queues and long waiting times to gain access
    • counting the number of any customers who leave as a result of long queues
    • training for the use of thermal screening tools
    • use of PPE and management of interaction with subjects monitored by thermal screening
    • evaluation of the maximum number allowed and monitoring of the number of people entering the building
    • recording the total number of visitors screened
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