Who we are /

The company

Our Mission,
Vision and Values


Our Mission can be told in just two words SAFETY FIRST, in our view safety and security of people and goods must always be first concern.


Gruppo I&S intend achieve its mission by:

  • Always demonstrate competence and care with every consultation or service provided.
  • Always offer the highest quality solutions for the safety and security of our customers, their events, their businesses and their people.
  • Employ the best people in the sector to provide the highest possible quality of safety and security services as well as all other features that Gruppo I&S can provides (including and not limited to professional training, rental services, handling procedures, hostesses, translations and interpreting, etc.)

The Values of Gruppo I&S:



Integrity is the act of behaving honourably, even when no one is watching, it is the pinnacle of honesty. In Gruppo I&S, this moral and ethical principle is extended to all aspects of corporate life, from the decision-making process, as well as to the interaction between colleagues and customer service. A company that values integrity and honesty gains credibility.


Gruppo I&S is committed to employ the best candidates and manage existent employees to ensure the highest level of professionality and competence on the job by always promoting performance review and pursuing knowledge of the best practices in the field of safety and security.


The company pursues continuous improvement in the way it operates, maintaining constant attention to detail at every stage of the work, using resources in the most efficient way, valuing employees in their support to the company.


Treat all people with dignity and equality, valuing differences and allowing others to express themselves freely in the full acceptance of each other views.


Commit to work together in harmony, supporting each other towards common goals to make the company stronger. Colleagues need always to feel like collaborators, sharing workloads evenly and building relationships based on teamwork and a shared vision.

Social respinsibility

The company recognise that each business carries a precise responsibility towards society and must be striving to contributing to the progress of the Local Communities. In accordance with the primary role of our Company we commit to do our utmost to be a positive presence on the territory by facilitating the hiring of young operators, helping with safety interventions and taking care of our employees, in compliance with the best practice regarding parental duties, disability and care for the elderly. Gruppo I&S aims to always conduct business in a safe and responsible manner to promote the reduction of the impact of the business activities on the environment. Especially in this respect the company intends to utilize solely non-polluting products and activate all best practices to protect the environment. The company also ensures full and complete compliance with the legislation on health and safety at work.