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Our CEO: Salvatore Allegra

A whole life
with the same purpose: security

Salvatore Allegra was born in Milan in 1963, as the son of a high-ranking Police officer, who was leading in Milan the fight against terrorism in the years which were later dubbed as the “years of lead”, was forced to live his from tender age under personal escort. Fact which lead him to develop a very acute and professional awareness in the field of safety and surveillance.

From 1985 to 2009 Salvatore was in charge of the Fiera Milano fashion show center and the events held there, paying particular attention to all the issues of safety from a 360 ° perspective: from the design of the spaces and halls of the fashion shows, to the management of contractors and their set up stage. After being appointed as Project Manager and CSE, he was put in charge of the organization of fire-fighting services, the management of the public and VIPs invited to the events by organizing the routes and staff assigned to them.

In 1998, Salvatore began his entrepreneurial venture, taking the opportunity of the decree of 10 March 1998, which made the presence of qualified fire-fighting operators mandatory during every event, performance and other temporary activities open to the public. Salvatore therefore had the idea of ​​creating an agency that would train and provide fire-fighting and security operators for events, thus giving life to the “Illusi & Contenti & Eventi” agency, the first in Milan to offer fire surveillance services on events and which in 2008, including new activities to those initially supplied, became Gruppo I&S.

For personal and professional growth and to ensure continuous compliance with European safety standards, Salvatore has continued to update his knowledge and re train himself on the field of health and safety management and health and safety at work to continue offering consultancies for the compliance of the locations as “Salvatore Allegra Surveyor Consulting “(Registered in the Order of Surveyors and Graduated Surveyors of the Province of Milan N. 11613 and Registered in the Register of the Ministry of the Interior of Fire-fighting Professionals with N. MI11613G01066).

Today Salvatore, as Chairman Executive Officer and founder of Gruppo I&S, always follows directly all the branches of the activities offered by the company to guarantee tranquillity and peace of mind to all his customers, who know him personally and with whom he always interacts individually.